3 Fundamental Tips On How To Improve Self Esteem

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Published: 26th October 2012
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Most people do not see just how potentially destructive low self esteem can be. Having a negative view of yourself can impede your career advancement, make it hard for you to establish healthy relationships, predispose you to mental conditions and decrease the quality of your life in general. I personally have encountered some of these consequences; in fact, they were what made me decide to find a way to improve my self esteem.

I'm sure nobody wants to have a low self esteem. Sadly though, experiences and circumstances that lead to the development of these deep-rooted emotional issues are generally beyond our control. Fortunately, we have control over what we choose to do with the self-esteem that we have. You can either sulk with your low self esteem all your life or choose to work on improving it. But, you should have in mind that improving your self esteem would take time and would require effort and dedication. Changing your negative perception about yourself would require you to do a lot of things, but if you ask me, it is best to work on these 3 basic tasks first:

Be in the company of the right people. I have learned a lot of lessons over my years of struggle to end low self esteem; but one of the most important realizations that I made was that the people I surround myself with have a huge bearing on how I feel about myself. This realization persuaded to distance myself from some people and form stronger connections with others. I believe that what I did played a huge role in helping me reach this point of my life. So I would propose you do the same too--build better ties and spend more time with those people who make you feel loved, valued and respected. If you have pals who are rather critical of you, try to make as little contact with them as possible. Surround yourself only with those people who can contribute to your aim for self-improvement.

Minimize those self-limiting thoughts. The negative self-limiting beliefs that are constantly repeating in your head substantially contributes to your feelings of inadequacy or incapacity. If you wish to successfully improve your self esteem, getting rid of these negative thoughts should be on top of your to-do list. You can start by making a conscious effort to listen to the normal conversations that go about inside your head. You can then work on writing down the negative remarks that you typically hear. After you have identified your detrimental self-limiting beliefs, challenge and refute them. What you must do is go over each thought and refute each of them with a positive and more accurate statement along with some supporting proof. For instance, let us use the negative thought: "I can't do anything well." A good statement to oppose this thought is, "I can do some things well." You can then reinforce your argument by listing down some of the things you have achieved before.

Start being more assertive. If you are one of those people who have developed the habit of putting aside their own feelings, beliefs or needs for the sake of other people's pleasure or satisfaction, then this tip is exactly what you need. Living with a passive attitude and letting others easily exert their rights above you makes you doubt your worth even more. So learn to exert your rights and stop letting others make decisions for you--speak up, say no and stand by your thoughts. Remember that what you think and feel is no less important than anybody else's.

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