Ideas On How To Stop Stress from Killing You

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Published: 07th November 2012
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With the type of society that we are living in, I believe all of us have been stressed at one point in our lives. On a daily basis, we are deluged with all sorts of stimuli that set off our body's stress response. Even though short-term and occassional stress can be a positive force and boost physical and mental capacities, long term exposure to high levels of stress can bring about many negative consequences, some of which are anxiety, depression, heart diseases and cancer. That's why, everybody should make an effort to equip themselves with knowledge on how they can effectively stop stress before it causes serious harm. Below are 5 practical tips you can use to manage the stress in your life:

Make changes in your surroundings. We experience a variety of small environmental stresses every day--including the frustrations of heavy traffic to improperly organized workspaces, infuriating work mates, an untidy home and many more. While each of them may seem little sources of stress, these things can tally up and significantly increase your stress levels. That's why, it is crucial that you know how to manage the many small, but cumulative stresses that come from your surroundings. To get started on this, you will need to pay attention to your environment and pinpoint the things in it that bother you or make you feel terrible and then start creating a plan on what you can do to make things better.

Steer clear of foods that trigger stress. There are a number of food items which are a regular part of our usual diet that may predispose us to stress and ultimately, result in a serious stress-related physical disorder. Generally speaking, foods high in salt, sugar and fat have been found to contribute to the formation and build up of stress . Apart from the above mentioned food components, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are also substances that can provoke the body's stress response .

Learn to say no. A lot of stressors are avoidable, one of which is a common stressor called "responsibility overload." Many of us find it hard to refuse the requests and even demands of others--from our bosses, office mates, family members to our friends. Even though being responsible and helpful is good, going too far and accepting too many responsibilities may cause stress. To avoid this, you should know your controls and keep well within them. Have in mind that your first responsibility is to your own health.

Manage your time wisely. Do you always feel as if you don't have enough time to accomplish all the duties that you need to do in a given day? Well, you ought to know that you're not alone. Studies show that majority of people these days think that the 24-hours of every day isn't enough time to carry out everything they planned and still have time for sufficient rest and relaxation. However, this way of thinking is totally incorrect. The same study proved that the problem does not really stem from the lack of time, rather from poor time management skills. Know how to manage your time effectively so that the right amount of time is allotted for each vital activity. Use tools such as daily planners, organizers, and to-do lists.

Learn some relaxation exercises. The first four tips above will help you stop stress from occuring. This tip right here will help you cope with actual stress. There are so many relaxation techniques out there, and there is no other way to know which one's right for you than to try them out. Among the most favored relaxation activities include deep-breathing, visual imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and yoga. These relaxation exercises will help you deal with the physical symptoms that come with stress--muscular tension, rapid breathing and etc.

It is vital that we know how to effectively stop stress . Come by my site to read more insightful articles on stress and other common life problems.

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